Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Green, Green Grass of Home

Just wanted to share with you why November to January/February is my favourite time of year for the Caribbean - we're blessed with a welcome reprieve from the sultry, energy-sapping drenched heat of the Hurricane Season.

We get to enjoy fresh, cool breezes and occasional blustery gusts that whip the cutest cotton-ball clouds across the deep blue skies and over the deeper blue seas. The waves make beautiful play crashing onto our sandy beaches, creating little sand-cliffs and churning up the water - great for getting 'sand-balled' while 'suicide-diving' the big waves.

Pigeon Island - Home of St. Lucia Jazz
You can see Martinique 25 or so miles to the north - her rising mountain peaks almost fill the horizon of some bay views and Diamond Rock twinkles through the haze and on some nights you can see the lights along the coast, evenings in France.

Twilights are not as intense as some of the stormy sunsets of mid-year but they're still enthralling as the mountains soften into velvet and the skies briefly glow giving way to the manmade beauty of lights and dark night shadows.
Boat Turning Catches the Sunset
View from Home - looking South
These last weeks I've been 'in town' often at lunchtime and instead of stopping at a restaurant and spending more than I want to, I've been buying deli at the supermarket and parking on Vigie Beach which is always scattered with parked cars all facing the blue. It's truly magical. The sea is almost olive close to the shore as the dark sands mix with the blue seas and then that gives way suddenly to intense blues which in turn fade into the soft skies. It doesn't matter if it's overcast or blazing, it's still beautful and replenishes even the most town-drained spirits.
This was breakfast at Vigie Beach today
Today I went South - much later than planned so I didn't stop to capture some of the beauty, but I did get a picture of my final stop - Cathy Osman's family spot - nestled south of Gros Piton in Mongouge. Cathy, her Auntie and other women in the area are traditional potters, digging the local clays, hand forming local pots - Coalpots, cooking pots and kettles - It's a beautiful area. When I first started going there 16 or more years ago, there was barely a house on the land. Now it's a quiet family community. Still beautiful.
Gros Piton - At Cathy's Home, Mongouge
Some days even being stuck in traffic is beautiful - I caught the moon in the sunset sky on the back road by the old quarry - there were more striking views later but traffic was moving again.
In traffic this evening

The grass was definitely greenest here today.


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