Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Going Beyond the Obvious with Google

Somewhere recently I read that very few people ever go further than the second page of a search engine - but there are a lot of good sites that just haven't made it to the top of the listings, not because their content isn't good, but because they haven't conquered the SEO.

So I thought it'd be a fun - and hopefully good - thing to take a look at some of that good content. Head on over and check out my new blog.

A couple times a week I'll choose a search term that seems interesting and I'll Google it and head straight over to see What's on 10.

Our very first post is up - featuring an award winning graphic design firm in the UK - Glorious.

Why don't you take a look and if you like the idea, subscribe and enjoy uncovering some less easy to find treasures of the internet?


  1. Just had a look at What's on 10. This is a fantastic idea, especially for those of us who use the internet for more that a brief fun surf. I think that What's on 10 will save surfers valuable time and bring to the fore interesting websites and blogs often lost in the under pages of the search engines. Great job mon blogger.
    BTW very creative name.

  2. Thanks for the vote! and I know even tho you're my hubby, you mean it - you're not just being biased:-D So glad you like it!

    Hope I can get this blog known out and around so some of us less high ranked but interesting peoples can move on up!

  3. I will certainly be checking to see what "hidden treasures" you unearth! :-)

  4. Thanks Mary, good to have you along!

  5. Hey Finola!!
    Awesome blog!! Great info here! Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by my blog!!!
    God bless!!!
    Ordinarywmn aka Charlie

  6. Finola,

    Fantastic blog! I missed a few entries and now I am going back to read them all. You are a great inspiration. This blog is so informative and provides such great insights on every day living--wish you started this years ago! I could have done with some of your advice then. Keep the blog going!

    Jacquie ( The Pirate)

  7. Hey Jacquie le Pirate! you're so kind - hope I can keep inspiring and causing a chuckle here and there!