Friday, October 3, 2008

Art Show

Ooh, Internet has been slow this morning -sorry for the late post people!

Some art inspiration today - these are works of my just graduated students and those that will take CXC this year. For my non-Caribbean readers, CXC is the equivalent to GCSE in the UK and roughly the 10-11th grade in the US. Some of these would have been done in their last year, some the year before that.

Hope you enjoy!

Jessie Recaii - Graphic Design Poster for Fashon show - collage mixed media Class of 09
Faye Samson - Imaginative composition - Mixed Media Tropical Fantasy. Class of 09
Ilsa Hennecart - Graphic Design Poster for Fashion show - hand drawn logo, photoshop composition Class of 09
Chelsea Gilbert, Graphic Design, Page of a Childrens Book, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, pencil, Class of 09
Michelle Monplaisir, Drawing, Still Life, pencil, Class of 09
Kishan Butcher, Decorative Craft Handmade Jewelry Box, covered in paper and ribbons with handmade cold porcelain drawer pull, Class of 08
Anneka Jude - Decorative Craft - necklace on African theme, cold porcelain and beads, Class of 08
Sonacia James - Imaginative Composition, Life - pencil, paper, painted polymer clay, Class of 08 
Merissa Stephen, Imaginative Composition,  Rebirth,  Mixed media, watercolour, ink, paper, Class of 08
Jody Joseph, Imaginative Compostion, Rhythm of Life, Mixed media, pencil, acrylic, collage, pastel, Class of 08
Diana Regis - Decorative Craft Wallhanging, Community - fabric, coldporcelain, paper, coconut leaf, Class of 08
 Marie Ange Murray, 3D, Mermaid, cold porcelain sculpture, Class of 08
Rahana Dariah, Imaginative Composition, Generations, Pencil, Class of 08

Solange Alfred, Decorative Craft Wallhanging, Tropical Beauty, dancer in St. Lucia national wear, fabric mosiac, Class of 08
There are a couple students in CXC this year whose work I can't find - sorry girls, will show you off as soon as I find those pics!

If you'd like to boost your creative spirit and ability - I recommend these books:Launching the Imagination Series 
and for learning to draw with ease:The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Alphabet Attitude for rainy Friday is: R is for Respect


  1. These brilliant artwork reflects that the students were truly inspired by their teacher to create such great pieces.

  2. yayyy...not tootin my own horn, but our work is all pretty amazing huh. :) and of course we were all inspired by our fabulous teacher.
    like i have said before, mommy p is much more than just a teacher, but also an inspiration 2 believe and 2 b great. that's what all of us students needed, and that's what we got from her, especially at those times when we had no clue what 2 do next.
    thankx mommy p 4 being there..and still being there ;) and 2 artists out there...younger and older...hope u're inspired by our work. enjoy :)

  3. thank you for the compliment anonymous - and thanks Jody for your words - you know I'm inspired when you all are inspired!

    and girl, toot your horn loud so everyone can hear!


  4. I'm impressed , great stuff ,what were the scores again.

  5. we got a 1, two 2s the rest 3s and a 4 which we queried...I am tempted to try and organize a CXC art teachers blog where samples of kids work can be put online and we can compare grades, work etc (well you all can, since I no longer teach:o)

  6. sorry, I just have to add - to me, it's shameful the amount of work the Vis. Arts students are required to do - 9 in school projects and three 6 hr exams - and they are graded SO hard - for a secondary school subject. It's crushing to a lot of aspiring artists and designers and it's high time pressure was raised to change it.

  7. everything was nice except the necklace by anneka jude. it didn't make the cut. i've seen better

  8. am jus seeing this.brightened my day.very nice my fellow art students.we did do a wonderful job.