Friday, October 10, 2008

Computer Bugs

Necessity has made me a wanna-be techy, there’s still a lot of things I’d like to be able to do with computers that I can’t but I think I’ve become quite adept at fixing a good amount of glitches, but there’s one I find no matter how well I fix each episode, it keeps coming back in a new shape or form - it’s the real bug chase; damn those sugar ants move fast!

Is it just me whose computer is a magnet for all things bug? I just got a little ‘thing’ that inspired this irreverent post - I think may be a tiny roach – did the hover with the finger on a low fly by until it’s off the keyboard area then smoosh! It’s gone.

My favourite visitors have to be stick insects – they’re the ones that seem to be really in tune with the electronic age- they’ll happily sit perched on a screen swaying to some pulses we insensitive humans can’t feel. When we lived in St. Andrew in Barbados we’d get these little praying mantis – about 2 inches long – they were amazing! But those I’d stay away from with my fingers as they can – and do – bite if they think you're threatening them.

The occasional lizard on the desktop at Cap in St. Lucia is an interesting encounter at all times, but as my mother used to say “They’re more afraid of you than you are of them” Actually I’m not afraid of them, but I still don’t want to suddenly find one’s decided my head looks like it’s next hangout place and of course they’re not really toilet trained!

Moths are the night-time computer-critters and it amazes me how many varieties of moth there are – just glad none of the hand-size ones seem interested in the internet so far! When we were kids (long before home computers) the walls of our house used to play host to literally hundreds – probably thousands of moths a night; At that time we were the only house around our area and the wildlife obviously found us a great curiosity and happily conceded to our open invitation – see old pic of me and one of our dogs Sweet Pea: those open wrought iron gates were all that separated us from the outside world. You name it, toads, crabs, yes, the vermin too, snails, bats, birds, bumble bees, crickets…  

Life is full of wonderful unexpected encounters.

Alphabet Attitude for this Friday is W is for Wildlife


  1. Wow Sweetpea is a real cutie,yuck with some of these bugs. I dislike geckos/woodslaves or lizards and anyway I do not think they like me. Have you ever encountered a snake or any of its relatives at Cap? Well I find them to be one of the cutest of wildlife, I really like them and you know what, they really like me too, just as the lion, tiger, giraffe, etc.

  2. Yes Empre$$, trust you to like snakes, you're just different, but then you know that! and no, we've not had snakes at Cap - 4 scorpions - two when we moved in, 2 this year due probably to Jack Nicklaus golf course digging up all the habitat of the wildlife (and all the barrel cacti too)...I like snakes but finding one wrapped round my computer monitor, well, give me a mabouya (gekko) any day!