Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clutter Clearing

Finally I finished the book – Clutter Clearing with Feng Shui by Karen Armstrong. Happened by a twist of fate that I ended up in my bedroom reading instead of in my workspace. The why I was there isn’t really relevant, but I wasn’t too happy about it at the time, so I had to find something positive to do and quick before the acid in my stomach started up. It wasn’t a far stretch to pick up the book – reading has been on my To Do at #3 importance for a while; it’s been staying there in unchanged position, so here, I could do something about that. 

Everything happens for a reason – do you believe that? I more and more credit the concept, but I know even if it doesn’t happen for a reason, you can sure find something to reason from everything that happens. Maybe that’s what cements the outcome, your take on it – good or bad. In this case it turned out good – I’ve experienced enough examples in my life to know if I smile, breathe and focus on finding something positive to occupy my thoughts, things turn out good enough. In the end I realised I actually was still feeling pretty run-down and turns out reading and snoozing my morning              Sunset Looking over Promenade Rd. away was just what I needed.

So I swiped clean my Things to Do list yesterday and just tidied and sorted – not much clutter to throw out having just moved twice recently and had the ‘dump-it’ mentality in full swing throughout, so it was really not that difficult. I have two tidied rooms now. Nice. It feels good; I can breathe easier for true.

Now, I have what I consider a healthy level of cynicism in general towards these kind of “Just do This and Your Life will be Cured” books, but I think Ms Armstrong has some good points in there! Aside from the Feng Shui principles, nothing was really new to me, but it’s the process of reading it and being encouraged and persuaded to do it and having the cause and effect described in someone else’s words that makes the difference. I find so often that I know something already, but it takes someone else saying it to turn on the light. Granted, I have to be in the right frame of mind already for the circuit to complete as I know I’m a good example of ‘hard ears’ when I want to be!

So back to the To Do list with renewed vigour today – the clutter clearing did clear more than the physical clutter – I could immediately see the areas where progress had stagnated in our efforts to better establish ourselves. Now I can re-prioritize and ride on the wave until I beach again and have to start the cycle over. I can probably better recognise when I’m nearing the end of each wave also, I guess with practice it becomes a seamless cycle.

My recommendation would be to make sure you do take a break now and then to review, clean up, re-sort, re-group for a new angle of attack. I realize the organizational books essentially are recommending it each week, on something called the weekend…Now if I can just remember what a weekend is…