Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carried off on Island Breezes

Well I had no idea my time in St. Lucia would evaporate so quickly – it’s been a good nearly two weeks, difficult to organize as each day new little activities and opportunities teased me and occasionally led me off on side tracks – some interesting and fruitful, some not.

I’ve got ‘pack bags’ on my To-Do list now and am tying off various things before hopping back across to Barbados. So I’ll be back to summing up on working out costing production and life costs next week.

For now, I apologize for the unexpected absence and leave you with a little taste of our Jounen Kweyol weekend.

Jounen Kweyol (Creole Day) is celebrated at the end of October in all the Creole speaking countries of the world. In St. Lucia, various communities host celebrations where ‘Old Time’ practices are revived – dancing, drumming, cooking, crafts, etc. In reality there’s often a lot of modern and non-creole included in the mix but you’ll definitely see lots of people dressed in Madwas (a tartan style cotton cloth of our National Dress – called Madras after the Indian region where it was originally manufactured) and you’ll get plenty good food to eat too.

We stayed home – the traffic can be a put off and then my husband was returning to Barbados the same day so we had our own celebration. Bakes and smoked herring with cocoa tea for breakfast, breadfruit roast in an old 'tesson' (local pottery cooking vessel) stuffed with herring, with side of saltfish and salade for lunch and our local beer ‘Piton’. The fact that the food was mostly cooked by my Bajan husband is just a sign of regional integration from the ground up!

And my husband and I started our day with an early morning trip to Cas en Bas to do some rockhounding and enjoy the beauty. I was rewarded by finding a piece of green jasper - the first of that colour I've found. The whole area is being stripped for development - that's a whole set of issues maybe to be discussed in later posts. We met our old friend Marjorie of Marjorie's Beach Bar who's hanging on tenaciously despite the developers best efforts to dislodge the only local business on the beach!

Cocoa Tea Recipe:

Lucian Cocoa Stick (substitute Mexican chocolate – or any whole cocoa chocolate that is just compressed roasted cocoa beans)
West Indian Bay Leaf (Pimenta Racemosa)
Allspice (optional)
Ginger (optional)
Cornstarch to thicken

Heat in pan and simmer for a few minutes – sweeten to taste and drink hot.


  1. great and unique recipes....Will add to my collection of recipes...thank you

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy!