Sunday, October 5, 2008

Caribbean Gift & Craft Show

My husband and I got to the 15rh Annual Caribbean Gift & Craft Show yesterday and were amazed at how many exhibitors were there; so we wandered off into the midst of colours and people a bit unsure where to start; we soon came upon old friends who we’ve known since the first time we took part in this event in St. Lucia in 1995 – this to me is always one of the good things you know will happen here. As we roamed from room to room, section to section we realized there was no way we’d get to see everything as closely as we’d like so we stopped and chatted anywhere we could when we saw something that spoke to our senses, met more old friends and new, first timers and old hands.

The outing was definitely worth making – it’s been a few years since I’ve been to a CGCS show, but all in all, my impression is that even after 15 years this event hasn’t quite gotten the point of what a good trade fair should be. Bar one or two of the most professional participants, every one we talked to expressed disappointment at how few buyers attended “They say there’s 200 buyers, but I’ve note seen any/only spoken to one/two” was the answer that came from everyone and most did not yet have much cash in hand to show for their effort. The event promotion to the public was not anything that would catch a persons attention – and this is in Barbados where CGCS has had it’s most dedicated audience – mid Saturday afternoon and you could easily take up as much space at a booth front as you wished.

So later in the evening we bussed it home, tired but glad we made the event – we hoped to go back today but that’s not looking likely – seems I’m a bit under the weather again! Nonetheless, I’ll be bringing you photos and spotlights on various people I met. I haven’t decided whether to do one or two a week, but I’ll take you on a bit of a tour of just a tasting of the islands’ creative people and their work.

For today I’ll leave you with some links to places I found when I researched what on earth an asymptote is – a word from the Wired article by Dan Pink. It’s a equation in maths – basically where a curve plotted will approach but not meet one or both axes, but of course it's been used as a name for some pretty interesting sites. I think the CGCS is a bit like an asymptote, going on endlessly, without quite hitting it’s mark.

The Alphabet Attitude for today: S is for  Style (of the Caribbean of course)