Monday, October 6, 2008

Balancing Act-ion

Just finished ‘The Secret’ – took a while as some days I didn’t feel reading it was really top of my list, but it began to feel like clutter I had to clear, so I took time today to just read and snooze again; not a bad way to have a break at all.

My salt left in my pocket is a pinch or two less now - according to the doctrine of The Secret, that’s very wrong of me; my faith should be absolute or it won’t work.

Well, okay, my faith in the power of positive visualization and my ability to influence my universe is absolute – I just don’t buy the magical extreme to which The Secret would have me take it. I suspect that everyone else’s energies are not separate to mine and as pure as I may make mine, there will be crosscurrents now and then, even collisions and so not everything will trajectory straight into my lap, but if I keep focused and keep positive, refusing to waste energy on fret and worry and bitterness of all sorts, then I will achieve my best.
It is inspirational to read some of these books but reality checks are always helpful in my book – the problem often is discerning what actually is real and what is just our, or someone else’s perception. We could use up years trying to figure that one out so in the meantime, I’m at the point where I am looking for a good clear, easy to follow method with some simple multi-function tools that will keep assist me in keeping on track for the gold.

And I had a little reality check on that track last week while browsing blogland; I came across a fairly new blog called Lateral Action and a penny dropped. Creative thinking is great for coming up with ideas –me and a lot of other people sometimes think that being creative is as much of a burden as a boon; it seems to take over our minds and tie up our bodies in in-action and we never get enough actually done. Hence my quest to find tools to help keep me organized and on the gold track.

But it seems I could well end up off track and in either of two less attractive situations; very productive, achieving all the little tasks that have to be done - the work, and in the process, not having time for creative flow, or, spending so much time organizing that I actually minimize the amount I can get done at all. Seems we need to put organization in its place – and before you start clutter clearing it out the window, it stays, it just has to be a slim and trim little thing that does all it needs to do and no more.

We need to be organized and strictly disciplined in order to be productively creative. A living breathing oxymoron in some peoples eyes, but if you take a moment to think about it, it makes perfect sense. Creativity needs time and clear space to flow. Sometimes it stops at a point and needs to be left alone a bit and gotten back to; what it doesn’t need is constant interruption or being squished into 15minutes ‘stolen’ from 'real' work time. It has its place, it’s the source from which our genius comes which makes it vital in order for us to be able to stand out of the crowd.

But creativity without production is just a thought and as such will remain just a thought. Production is what makes creativity valuable. So, each must be put in its place and given sufficient priority and time. In order to do that we must have organization that its self is efficient - does just enough to free up the maximum time for creative process and productive tasks without its-self becoming a big time eater.

There’s more, much more, to consider about the value of creative production in the quest to have a productive creative life. What do you think about your creative nature and what challenges you most in being productive? Toss in your experiences and lets thrash some ideas out so we can all jump up higher.

Alphabet Attitude for a Monday Morn: T is for Triumph!


  1. Hello, I like this blog.
    Sorry not write more, but my English is not good.
    A hug from Portugal

  2. hugs back to you in Portugal and thanks for letting me know you are reading - hope to keep you coming back!