Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back in St. Lucia

Arrived bumping over a gathering of little cumulus clouds to descend over the Hess Oil Depot at Cul-de-Sac, round across the Castries Harbour, past the old Military Buildings on Vigie and smoothly touched down on the runway along the beach.

Through customs I was met by my Dad and stepdaughter Christalee and unexpectedely by a teacher from my old job at St. Joseph's Convent School who jokingly piped up "SJC sent me to collect you!" Then found myself unexpectedly visiting SJC as Christalee's dance class had been moved there. Looks just like I left it.  I hear the new Art Teacher is doing a good job - much more strict with the girls than I was - good guy!

So back to my other home, met the new puppy Hazel and saw my old friend Macushla (the dog I found for my Dad), had a good cup of tea, some food and snapped a few pics to share. one small nit pik- the mosquitoes are biting my feet as we speak - I haven't missed that!

And a great surprise was that I came in to calls enquiring about the soapmaking workshop we're giving next weekend - the editor of the Voice, Mr. Marquis did me a good turn and managed to get my little "Do You Know Your Soaps" article with pictures in the weekend paper -big and bold- even though I sent it in really late, that's why the calls and emails are coming in! I owe him a big thanks!

So, after all that extra complicated calculating work the past two posts - enjoy a few pics from St. Lucia, Helen of the West Indies

View from the house -Rodney Bay and  South towards the Pitons
Hazel posing and Macushla watching the sun set
View West over the Caribbean Sea


  1. Beautiful pictures. Thought I'd better get over here and learn some more about you! ;-)

  2. Thanks - funny you brought me back to this post - sadly we lost these two dogs - probably criminals poisoned them - it's one of the not so nice things that happen in St. Lucia now, n then.

    And I'm in the middle of preparing to head back again for another soap making workshop!

    thanks for coming on over - I do enjoy reading your blog.