Monday, September 29, 2008

What’s on TV? Viewing Compromises.

A couple of people asked me recently whether I’m watching TV and I even surprised myself with my answer – I haven’t watched TV in ages. Now, at first it was because we didn’t have one, but now there is one in the house, it’s just not appealing to watch TV. It’s no big achievement on my part – just circumstances coming together that have made it the last thing on my list, but it’s made me realize how true it is that we can, quite happily, do without a lot of the things we may have thought were indispensable.

Realizing this set me thinking about balance and compromise and how do you tell whether you are achieving balance or you’re actually compromising too much. There are other issues with my current situation that I’m not so happy about as not watching TV, and if I’m to take to heart the statements of two of the books I’m (still) reading, I should be concerned about allowing things to persist that are not directly working to my advantage. Pretending they don’t exist or ignoring them apparently won’t work – my subconscious knows and therefore, so does the universe. Not to mention, the stress is still there, just suppressed.

But much of my recent professional life has been about achieving by finding alternative solutions, compromising - to adapt to materials that can be readily sourced / afforded, suit weather issues that affect production, provide information without ready resources. So I have a healthy respect for adapting and making do, and that’s a form of compromise is isn’t it? Necessity and her child.

In fact, I’d say that most of my personal growth has come from navigating these treacherous waters in work and home so I have a hard time dissing compromise even when it comes to things we think are important personal values – it’s like stress testing; you have to push it to the max to find out if it will break and fall away or stand firm.

So I guess I’m getting to the point in my life where I’m left mostly with the things that have stood firm. What I’m thinking is that compromise comes in all shapes and sizes and you just can’t treat them all the same. Some will yield up good when you surrender your preconceptions and compromise, others won’t. I think sometimes we shy away from looking too closely for fear of finding we’ve compromised where we shouldn’t have – I know I’m guilty! But perhaps it’s in paying closer attention to these struggles and learning to recognize the good ones and bad ones that we can have a better chance of maximizing what we can get out of life. Sounds plausible, so off I go into the melee, magnifying glass firmly at my eye!

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