Friday, September 19, 2008

The Secret Ingredient

I’d at least have a kicking ride if I had a dollar for every time I asked myself why it is that other people are successful at what I want to do but I am not. What do they know, have, do, say, that I don’t? Truth is there are probably many answers, each in it’s own way correct for the particular successful person I’m envying at the time. But the one thing they’ll all have in common is that they apparently know, have, do or say something that I don’t. The point is, “that I don’t”. The point is, that it’s the obvious conclusion to draw that the answers, the list of undone things and making the necessary changes will earn me that ride. And while that is true…

Don't Omit This Step
I think there’s a first step that many people omit and it is, I believe, the very necessary cornerstone to success: In undertaking the approach to planning that requires you to identify your true life-goals, I now realize that it really helps if you accept that first and foremost, it’s all about who you are, what you want, regardless of whether you think it’s achievable or not.  

What’s your Secret Ingredient? 
In the movie Kung Fu Panda, when Po’s dad tells him it’s time to reveal the noodle soup secret ingredient and he whispers in Po’s ear “There is none”, Po finally gets the point that Master Shifu had been attempting to get though to him. And then he figures out the mystery of the dragon scroll, there is a secret message in the “blank” scroll after all – it’s the reflection he sees – he must find and believe in himself and he will have all the powers he needs to fulfill his role.

If you don’t have a clue who Po is and what scroll I’m talking ‘bout anyway - rent the dvd; it’s kung fu, it’s a cartoon “ninja” panda, a message of self worth, and it’s funny too - what more do you want? Watch it before or after this self-evaluating exercise, but do look at yourself and be honest – who are YOU really and what do YOU really want? Then you’ll realize how much you really can do – not how much you already know per se, but how great your potential is.

Be Comfortable With Your True Self
Being comfortable with this makes a really good foundation for achieving your goals. I’ve found I’m more able to tap into self-belief that’s not a mirage; it’s grounded in honest assessment of myself. Your goals might still not be crystal clear in every detail and may change shape a little from time to time but essentially you’ll have a well-founded direction – that’s how it seems to me.

My Great Adventure
Now the more cut and dry work of organizing my tasks has become much less of an exercise to yawn for; it’s started to feel less like chores I must do to be good and has taken on the much more fulfilling character of feeling like steps on my great adventure.

That said, I hope tomorrow, to share some of what I’ve found out about the nitty-gritty of planning – To Do Lists.

Today’s Alphabet Attitude is: E is for Entertaining