Monday, September 15, 2008


Just a quick thought - I've been playing round with my blog description a bit last couple days and today I was inspired to remove "but sometimes frustratingly so"; so many things I've been reading in the last year, not to mention experiencing for many years now, have inspired me to be ever more determined to always find the positive in life. Even when faced with things that anyone would naturally call a disaster - you can always find that tiny glow of positive, the never cliche Silver Lining, and that's what allows us to keep on going and not only to keep on, but to be better than we were before.

I read a newish blog - see my Sites I Like for the link - SARK Journal - she's talking about using positive, powerful, affirmative words when we call the alphabet. I like that. So each day I'll be including my alphabet letter here and making it my attitude for the day. Feel free to add yours and to use mine!

Today's Alphabet Attitude for the Day: A is for Adventure


  1. Hi Hi! This is me leaving a comment... just for the record!
    POSITIVITY is the only way to live... seriously! And you're right, the proverbial silver linning never gets old... ofcourse i'm a glass half full person most of the time... i could be biased!

  2. A is 4 apple...just's a phrase that goes with 2day's positivity....
    Accentuate the positive.
    i'm a positvive person...of course u know that :).....anyway..just dropping some love...luv ur blog by the way. keep writing..i'll b readin
    p.s i really use that word positive ee