Monday, September 15, 2008

Positive Visualization and Seeing in St. Lucia

White Cedar in Full Bloom,
Cap Estate, St. Lucia
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAALots of talk about Positive Visualization these days – The Secret and so many other self-advancement gurus tout it as the cure for all our ills; it’s definitely an interesting concept. The technique of positive visualization is to me, basically a good one – you think positively about what you want to achieve, then see yourself doing it – your body and mind then get accustomed to the idea that you can actually do that thing. I’m not so sure about the extremes to which The Secret says it works though. For those who haven’t read the book or seen the movie, basically you tell the universe what you want, imagine you already have it (making sure you utter no negatives there) then the universe will deliver it to you – simple genie in the bottle with unlimited rollover wishes.

Back to reality here. My life the last too many years has been a matter of living immersed in clutter, and in recent years it’s begun to bug me big time, to the point I feel like all the clutter is almost stuck to my skin. I began to realize my surroundings were greatly affecting my ability to think clearly – to conceive, plan, do, rest. I think the scales tipped for me one day when I was driving past the Sagicor Building (Choc Bay, St. Lucia). I saw a young man dressed oh so neatly in his climate-inappropriate long-sleeve shirt, tie and dark pants, waiting for a bus I guess; surrounded by unkempt weeds as tall as he was, soft-drink bottles and plastic bags and general roadside dirt. It occurred to me that living in this setting - cluttered, bedraggled and dirty can’t engender a positive vibe in the minds of our people.

Maybe we get used to what we have around us, maybe learning to ignore it until the blindfold wears thin and we start to see what’s really there. After that incident I haven’t stopped considering the effect what we see in our living spaces has on us and our ability to visualize anything else. And why are so many people seemingly oblivious to this?

I think as far as St. Lucia goes, it has a lot to do with one thing that’s missing from our school system – Art. Teaching art in primary and secondary schools is basically about learning to see and to feel, recognize and appreciate beauty, whatever style it’s wearing and of course, to explore but that's another issue. And I think this is supposed to be part and parcel of human life, but somehow in St. Lucia, it’s got lost in, or never grew through those tall weeds by the wayside. I’m not demeaning my Lucian people, just suggesting a theory that might partly explain the lack of good design and general housekeeping we see all around us. It’s not that there aren’t any people capable of delivering the beauty, the need for it just doesn’t seem to be recognized and we end up with another rough-edged concrete box destined to grow more tall weeds in it’s front yard.

Not a complete line of thought yet, but those who figure I have a point, don’t give up believing we can make a change – and just for good measure, close your eyes and rub the lamp, hard.

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  1. Oooo my mum's real big on positive visualization... a positive outlook never hurt ANYONE!
    I can totally relate to the clutter thing! Like two weeks ago, I sat down at my desk to start my homework... and there's was all this stuff... and I was trying to tidy it up... but it was all absolute JUNK! So i went on a crazy rampage of my desk and room throwing ALL this stuff out... and then by the time i was done it was late and i needed to head to bed. But I felt soo much better getting rid of all this stuff that was just taking you my thinking, and doing space! xxx