Thursday, September 11, 2008

life of starting outs

When I look back now, I see my life of so many starts and so few finishes. I know it's not good to leave things unfinished but it is actually not so bad to have unfinished things to do -I think that's what is called having a future. I remember my mum saying to us that a good education isn't just book-learning and that's sort of been my life - filled (like so many people's) with mistakes, blunders, should'ves...shouldn't'ves, but in the end an education to live for. As has been said before, but is worth saying over and over, it's not a problem making mistakes, it matters whether you learn from them or not and what you do thereafter.

And that all brings me to the point where I am now thinking that it would be a good thing for me to pay respect to all those life experiences and follow up on some of the enticing "should've" thoughts; as someone who always has a thought or two about things, I have found myself often saying "I must write about that" but never following up on it. But these days I am making changes, doing the things I've been saying I'll do, so here I am writing 'bout it. It's a good thing to do, I highly recommend it - not just writing about things, I mean doing the things you keep saying you'll do.

So having made the move to Barbados following my Bajan husband, I'm also busy sticking to my guns and making my move into becoming a jewelry artist - one that actually makes and sells jewelry as opposed to the conceptual kind. So I'm playing with plasticine - creating my originals of tropical inspired scenes cropped into a rectangular frames, then to be made into molds and cast in porcelain or silverclay. Also making one of my favourite themes, river stones, these ones out of polymer clay to later sit in flowing resin-water and be held in porcelain river banks, eventually to be worn round some adventurous person's neck. Later, soon-later, I'll get round to my Art Book - after teaching CXC Visual Art for nearly five years creating each lesson as I went along, I figured it would be a good idea to put them all together and put it out there for students of all ages to enjoy and to make some money from it all, that's the plan.

Teaching is a wonderfully strange thing - I never figured I'd end up teaching in a secondary school, but there I was, at my Alma Matar, SJC, St. Lucia, teaching art. Took me a while to settle in, but it was a great experience, I learnt at least as much as my students - living cliche - and especially these last years, my exam students have rewarded me with such appreciation, it has truly been inspirational. For those who have never tried teaching in a school - you just can't imagine the rollercoaster. One moment you're bursting, holding back what you feel like tellin'em and the next your glowing with pride. At the end of the day, exhausted and counting up the successes and figuring your action plan to turn the rest of the tide...

I love the idea that there's always more, different, other. I'd say, I believe now that I shouldn't worry too much about making the choice of starting out again in life, as long as I take the right baggage from my past life, I'm already starting from higher ground.


  1. glad 2 kno we were rewarding students ;)

    and people let me tell u, although we were trouble makers sometimes(not cleanin up the art room at times) we learned so much from mommy p and not only about art, but about stuff that's important 2 us(her students) that wouldn't be of importance 2 other people.
    she's so much more of a teecher.
    anywayyy ...lots of luv

  2. Reading this post again and seeing Jody's comments has put a smile on my face this early Saturday morning...she still calls me 'mommy p'...her and a few others of my students just keep making me so glad I got to be a teacher for a while. Thanks girls, and keep on believing in yourselves, you know I think you are stars.