Thursday, September 18, 2008

D is for Discovery, Direction, Development and Determination

Yesterday was a marathon of planning. It took all day to get it done; but mind you, the effort included exploring free, open-source software that will allow me to do my financial necessities, planning, file transfers, keep track of blogs, etc. and included trying to learn how to install binary code software for the Mac - still working on that. Probably I am guilty of being sidetracked into Quadrant 4 a bit! Oops.

Despite some deviations from the path, I now have my specific week’s goals and tasks and in my Longer Term Goals, a more clearly stated list of the things that matter to me most. I found it quite difficult to sort through some priorities in the Quadrants ending up with very little in Q3 - Not Important but Urgent and I think that might be because these are mostly things that come up unexpectedly. Otherwise they seem to be ones that it’s difficult to demote to “unimportant” status. Whether that says something about my readiness to put some things in the place they need or maybe that I haven’t truly set my priorities yet, I’m not sure; I found that difficult to decide, and maybe it would be easier with the book, and fuller guidance in hand.

Nonetheless, I feel like I really made progress that I feel is useful, and a large part of that was from taking a big step on the road of Discovering what it is I really want to do. From here on, it will take Determination to Develop the kind of life I want; An old friend I was doing a Q4 activity with on Facebook yesterday morning, when I said I was busy planning, quipped to me, that no-one gets to their deathbed thinking “oh I wish I’d finished that spreadsheet” My reply was that I’m planning my work so I can have a life. And I think that’s the crux of it all – don’t just timetable your work, consider your life goals and put everything as much as is humanly possible, in it’s right place with respective levels of importance attached.

I did my homework, and although it’s a bit personal and long, I’m going to share the outcome of the Quadrant List and the “longer-term goal planning” I did. When got through it all, it gave me some satisfaction, a feeling of Direction that is much stronger than before. So if you are feeling a bit lost, whether student, employee or self employed, I’d recommend making time to do this – I believe it's a useful tool to help create more time and more quality of life in the long run.

My results from yesterday:

Longer Term Goals, Why they exist and How to achieve them

Be in control of personal and business finances – all debt in control, income steady enough – for ease of mind and to be self-sufficient. Have passive income and a reputation good enough to make current work income reasonably easy to earn
Become a successful, well-paid writer – Art Book printed, marketed as CXC text, selling on Amazon. I love writing, believe I can offer good projects and guidance for CXC Art and other art students and want to have a good source of passive income. Write consistently and market consistently as in short-term goals
Become a successful jeweller (and maker) – work selling in B’dos, Slu, USA, UK, Holland, Scandinavia at least. I love making jewelry, small sculpture and want it to be part of my income earning. I don’t want to be a tied down to lots of production in order to make up an income, so my work must be at the higher end of the market, do not make cheap, half baked jewelrycome up with a design and method for good production work and make a good range of stunning pieces – market properly – upscale shops, good magazines, good websites
Have a home that I like and feel comfortable and safe in and can afford easily. I want to continue working “from home” – although I’d prefer to have a semi-separate business place, I want to be in my own environment, somewhere that I feel safe enough to be and that contributes to my creative process. Use current house to learn about homebuilding and to save money and gain equity in order to purchase a better property. Put tax in order. Have income recorded and steady enough to qualify for mortgage
Have a car that I like and feel comfortable and safe in and can afford easily. I don’t like to not be able to go where I need to go when I need to go there and I want to feel comfortable (no extra aches and pains) and safe as I can be. Use bro-in-law’s car for free (for gas) as long as he is okay with it, then buy it or another car that is affordable. If this is not a new one, buy and use for marketing, a car that will not cost too much and earn and save for new one.
Own a good camera and take photos for personal pleasure and for work. From the time I first held my Dad’s camera, I was hooked. Not having a camera of my own now is a daily disappointment for me. Now, more so, I need to be able to take a lot of photos and cannot just rely on my husband being there or his camera being there when I need it. Earn, earn, earn, snap, snap, snap, use images to contribute to blog, designs and art
Paint for personal happiness – sell art. I keep feeling the desire to paint – the freedom of big marks as opposed to the little movements of jewelry I think. And there’s always reward in someone buying your creative work, so yes, I’d like to sell art. Use existing materials in personal time to develop art skills – use good work to earn from various derivative works
Be healthier than I am – optical, dental looked after, fit and exercising regularly, in control of “afflictions”. This is self explanatory, but much healthcare has been put on the back burner due to “insufficient funds” – but I’ve also learnt how to eat healthier, more value added foods and garden remedies that go a long, long way to keeping health issues at bay. Keep sleeping enough, eat as well as income allows – avoiding junk, do repair and maintenance work in small amounts so it’s affordable. Exercise at home. Walk when possible. Eat less than 100% of what I feel like eating. Drink lots (no, not alcohol!).
Resume travelling for work and for fun – one holiday a year. I’ve always loved seeing new places and new cultures and I haven’t done that for ages due to “insufficient funds” and not pushing work opportunities that involve travel. I want both kinds of travel. Start with work travel – workshops in various islands – market at CGCS in Oct. Keep network contacts. Don’t be afraid to ask for trades, stay bys etc to make personal travel more affordable.
Have regular personal time. Life is not life without it – you can manage for a time as I have, but sooner or later, you have to have it, or else what’s all the work for? And anyway, you’ll find yourself unable to work due to stress, so all how, it doesn’t cut it. Schedule it – don’t allow it not to happen.

Alphabet Attitudes (for a rainy day!) : D is for Discovery, Direction, Development and Determination

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