Sunday, September 14, 2008

Customer Satisfaction

Porcelain vessel with silver wire - pendant 2.5" AAAAAAAA Can’t help but feel a little weird writing this blog – It’s a bit like talking to yourself, you know, when you write for a publication, you know some of the readers will read your article, but on the net, there’s no such guarantee. So I’m very happy for the emails I have gotten from friends saying they’ve read my blog and enjoyed it. Thank you. Although a blog is very much a person writing their stuff, it’s so much better when it’s a conversation instead of a monologue (the Radio St. Lucia’s “conversations” with the Prime Minister comes, for some reason to mind). A real conversation is so much more satisfying; so much more can be gotten from it.

All this “putting myself out there” activity has me very much thinking about what the customer wants. It must be one of the toughest nails to hit on it’s head that exists – and no end of varied opinions and advices; just be yourself – build it and they’ll come – do a market survey, check out the trends, try not to do what everyone else is doing, and why not? If they’re making money at it isn’t that exactly what I should be doing? Somewhere in the middle there, is what we all end up doing – trying to get a feel for what people want, hoping they’ll actually decide they want what we love to make or do and we’ll all be satisfied together.

So, today I’m putting up some pics of jewelry I’ve made and am making, and will do a little “how to” for the ones I’m working on now – look out for it in the coming week. In the meantime, would love to have a bit of a conversation here – I believe you can leave anonymous comments if you wish, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d find this blog a lot more interesting with a few more voices. Let’s here what my customers think…

Former student Diana models for me
Cold Porcelain Butterfly Necklace


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  2. cool way of making jewellery huh people?....its pretty different but fun..and i like that..
    speakin of pretty, shout out 2 my pretty girl dee, in this pic above ;) along with the fun and funky jewellery