Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Creating Time

The use of time must be the most fundamentally important issue we all deal with in our lives. I’d wager a lot of money if I had the chance, that pretty much everyone has uttered a phrase such as “where did the time go” at least once in the past 30 days. We don’t want to end up at the big ol’ Gate saying “Oops, I never got round to…” So where does it go, and what can we do about it?

After yesterdays BAM!bbbbummer start, it took me a while to regroup and get on with being productive. I didn’t have a back up plan, heck, I don’t have any written plan at the moment. I was determined however, not to be untrue to my Alphabet Attitude, so I got on with a variety of small tasks that had been begging to be done being as enthusiastic as I could, and when the internet finally came back up, posted my blog and immediately started looking online for planning opinions and advice.

I found loads of sites very easily – it’s an issue we all have issue with. But I was searching in particular for information on one system that I had heard about that said something like “don’t do the most urgent things first, do the second most urgent”. After a bit of googling on the not so well targeted enquiry “how to plan your day for the unexpected” and culling lots of useful snippets, I decided to take some of the advice I’d gleaned (it wasn’t really news to me but it’s good to be reassured) and took a break to give my body and mind their recuperating time.

So I picked up the book “ Unclutter your Life” by Karen Kingston that my sister Liz had given me a couple months ago along with “The Secret”, read one chapter and realized the description of clutter being a palpable sticky feeling was just what I was describing to you the day before…I got up and straightened a few things in the room and decided it was time to return to my lessons on planning. This time I put in a more direct search “do the second most urgent things first planning” and BAM! There it was, an article in a blog my sister Liz has been bugging me to read for ages – “The Simple Dollar”.

Now, I like to believe in the “Ethers”; some other dimension of sub-consciousness interacting with us all– fashions, uprisings, baby names, it’s not just since we had cyberspace to help us, humankind does seem to move like flocks of birds taking flight, generally swaying together with the odd few drifting off on updrafts of their own. And this does seem like an ethers kind of event; this issue of use of time and the inextricably linked clutter problem (how many hours get wasted searching for things?) has been dogging me for eons; it’s only now that I feel like I’m doing something real about it, and the solutions have just started dropping out of the sky!

So I fired off a quick email to tell Liz about this string of ethers-nudges and then got down to reading the article. It encapsulates a lot of what I wanted to say – it’s a book review essentially. So, instead of what I had “planned” (translate as “briefly thought I’d do”) and compiling my experiences and thoughts with some other tips and techniques, for now, I’m going to link you direct to this article – take some time and look around this site; It is great. I was happy to find that many of the tips suggested on the site, I already do, but in this specific article I have some homework to grapple with, and I’ll fill you in on my successes and challenges as I go and compile those experiences and tips too.

Go read, go plan, go create some time.

Alphabet Attitude for today: C is for Celebrate!

some of the clutter we have been dealing with
getting organized

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  1. hey i loved this clutter got me thinkin bout my approach 2 stuff, which is usually start and leave halfway through.

    to tell u the truth, after readin this article bout clutter, i did do something i've been sayin i'd do 4 some weeks now(clean my dresser). i know its not much, but its something riight. ;)