Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Carpe Diem

Nothing like a carpe diem start to the day –in the sense of seizing opportunity – it feels like my word to day should be BAM! – I’ve got the laundry on, photographed my little pendant sculptures and am blogging all before my coffee, well it is happiness, so I guess I can carpe diem in all senses of the phrase..

Also did one other important thing – called my stepdaughter Christalee cause it’s her B-day today – Happy Birthday Girl! 11 today and may this day and all your days be filled with joi de vivre!

Thinking this morning, it’s interesting how different languages, even little phrases have the power to bring on such varied emotions in us – even words in our native tongue have such emotive powers. Just a thought right now, other faculties may be awake and in action already but not my analytical brain. (Break to get coffee). Remembering our Coffee Club at St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary School, St. Lucia – oh, the morning chats that we had, many a down spirited day was turned right around in that little gathering place. I do miss my coffee club pals.

Mini update: OH! I must’ve upset the genie yesterday! No Internet to post my blog, the plaster to cast my sculptures is too old (I did notice before I poured it all over them) and I can’t find my art book drawings…So apparently I’ll have to carpe some things other than those I had planned…what kind of adventure would life be without the unexpected?

Today's Alphabet Attitude is: B is for BAM!

Some pics of my little sculpted pendants waiting to be cast and some sculpting tools I used: